Summer Desk and Conference Assistant

Summer Desk and Conference Assistants assist professional staff with residential community and Central Housing administrative functions, and perform residential community front desk administrative functions including working with keys, facilities, mail and packages, clerical support, and customer service.

Functions may include: creating professional documents, guest follow up, room/key/card audits, clerical support, mail and package sorting/delivery, and providing customer service to college students and campus guests, etc. Staff are expected to be able to work with limited supervision, using independent judgment and initiative to provide excellent customer service assistance to students, visitors, Housing and Residence Life staff, and other University constituents.

Summer Desk and Conference Assistants develop strong communication skills, customer service skills, teamwork, and serve as a resource for campus information and other duties as assigned by supervisor. Hours vary by location and need. All HRL student positions are expected to uphold the mission and values of HRL and GVSU, and to provide professional customer service.


  • Current Grand Valley State University student
  • Good academic and disciplinary standing
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Google Docs and general computer literacy
  • Ability to effectively and professionally communicate with customers, team members and supervisors
  • Understanding of and ability to provide positive customer service practices
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Flexibility to work some night/weekend shifts/term breaks
  • Available to arrive before courses begin for job training


  • Uphold the mission, vision, and values of the University and Department.
  • Create positive relationships with residents and other GVSU staff members.
  • Maintain consistent attendance and punctuality at all scheduled work shifts, meetings and trainings.
  • Provide excellent customer service to students, staff and guests.
  • Answer phones, respond to emails, and communicate with students, staff, and guests as directed by supervisor.
  • Participate in required duty shifts.
  • Participate in all trainings assigned by supervisor(s).
  • Create professional communication and documents as directed.
  • Process guest payments. Must be able to account for all receipts and monies received.
  • Assist and run check-in and check-out stations for camps and conferences.
  • Assist in residential building opening and closing processes; providing administrative support to supervisor(s).
  • Track, audit, and distribute access cards and brass keys.
  • Manage student credentials within Housing key system.
  • Distribute mail and packages to residents/guests and maintain/audit package database.
  • Assist in tracking, auditing, and distributing access cards and brass keys.
  • Utilize technology to perform job duties include The Housing Director and Vanderbilt key system.
  • Abide by FERPA regulations; maintaining confidentiality of student records.
  • Abide by Clery and Responsible Employee regulations; serving as a Campus Security Authority (CSA) which includes specific training, notification of role, and reporting responsibilities.
  • Abide by Housing and Residence Life, Student Code, Information Technology and other University policies, conditions and guidelines.
  • Ability to manage low level emergency/crisis response situations.
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor(s).
  • Conference Assistants report directly to the Conference Leadership Team comprised of paraprofessional and professional staff.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Candidates living on campus for Spring/Summer terms and upcoming academic year (Fall/Winter terms)
  • Candidates with Work-Study status
  • Desk and/or Conference Assistant experience


  • Work approximately 20-40 hours per week.
  • Approval from direct supervisor for additional on- or off-campus employment.
  • Desk Assistants may be required to work during University breaks, holidays, periods in which there are no classes, and/or the University is closed.


  • Summer Desk and Conference Assistants are provided housing commensurate to serving in an on-duty capacity for residents, guests, camps, and conferences. Students that do not live on-campus for the Spring/Summer terms are not provided additional compensation for not living on campus, and may be required to stay overnight in on-campus accommodations during required duty days.
  • Summer Desk and Conference Assistants are considered student employees at Classification 2. Entry-level students will be paid at Level A. Raises will be considered on an annual basis for returning staff based on performance and length of employment. Click here for more information about on-campus wage rates.

Grand Valley State University Housing and Residence Life employment opportunities are open to eligible/qualified persons without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, marital status, or family status. Persons with disabilities have the right to request and receive reasonable accommodations.

Page last modified April 5, 2022