See images from the regional Science Olympiad competition that was once again fully in person

The Region 12 Michigan Science Olympiad made a triumphant return to a fully in-person event, welcoming about 700 middle school and high school students to the Allendale Campus.

Grand Valley is a longtime host of the tournament that celebrates the wonder of scientific discovery and allows students to showcase their STEM-related work.

Here are some scenes from that day.

Two students, wearing goggles and masks, hold their hands in the air while watching an object float upward.
People wearing masks stand around a table with papers on top.
An adult wearing a mask speaks to a child wearing a mask. Both are kneeling on a gymnasium floor; the adult is holding a clipboard.
Three people, all of them wearing masks, watch an experiment that is underway.
Three people look intently at a table containing an experiment.


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