cubicles of artist spaces at the Muskegon Innovation Hub

Muskegon Innovation Hub caters to community, adds space for artists

The Muskegon Innovation Hub provides services and space to entrepreneurs and now offers space to local artists looking to create. 

“We’re quite a bit different in terms of who we are and how we function,” said Kevin Ricco, the Hub’s Director. “We specifically cater to the needs of the Lakeshore, which has been a focus of ours over the past several years.”

An old fuel cell room, which had been a large industrial space, was remodeled to feature five semi-private artist studio spaces.

The team at the Hub noticed a lack of affordable studio space in the area for local artists and reached out to the community to assess the need for such spaces. After collaborating with artists who use mediums from painting to sculpting, and more, the team was able to successfully remodel the space to fit the community's needs. 

Ricco said affordable studio space allows for artists to work freely and create pieces in their own semi-private space.

Lynn Frisinger Stribley paints in her studio space that she rents from the GVSU Muskegon Innovation Hub.
Lynn Frisinger Stribley paints in her studio space that she rents from the Muskegon Innovation Hub.
Image credit - Kendra Stanley-Mills

Ricco and others consulted Grand Valley's Art Department to figure out the needs and considerations of building an efficient artist’s space. Because of their research, the space is fully rented with interested artists being placed on a waitlist.

“We really wanted to see the artistic side of the co-working space grow, so it’s been really cool. We have a handful of painters, one sculptor and a screenprinter,” said Allison Dile, the Hub's  business incubator manager. “We’ve actually got a group of retired professionals that share the space and they all come and paint together. That’s really quite lovely.”

The Hub is also involved in a two-part series with the Muskegon Museum of Art. The first part, provided information to attendees about adopting a business from an artistic perspective. 

Part two will take place on November 17, when industry experts and local artists will gather in a panel discussion at the Muskegon Museum of Art to discuss other aspects of art, such as featuring one’s work in a gallery and the steps needed to be featured in an art gallery or art show. 

Since its creation in 2003, the 25,000 square foot building has provided space for entrepreneurs from the area. A wide variety of multi-use spaces are rented on a monthly basis for anyone interested in growing and creating business ideas. Learn more about the Muskegon Innovation Hub online.

– written by Clemence Daniere, student writer


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