A high school student is silhouetted against a blue wall as they practice boxing.

GVSU in photos, July 2022: Lakers overseas, laughter with friends and both smoke and mirrors

A carillon tower is seen against a blue sky full of puffy white clouds.
The Cook Carillon Tower is seen against a blue sky full of clouds on the Allendale Campus July 13.
Image credit - Kendra Stanley-Mills
 High school students laugh together during a visit to a university.
During College Prep Week, high school students from GVSU-authorized charter schools can experience aspects of college life, including recreational activities. Students had free time to enjoy several activities at the Recreation Center this week.
Image credit - Amanda Pitts
 A man wearing a suit stands for a portrait in a beam of sunlight coming through a window.
Ning "Jackie" Zhang the new dean of the College of Health Professions, is photographed in the Daniel and Pamella DeVos Center for Interprofessional Health July 14.
Image credit - Kendra Stanley-Mills
 A woman sips from a coffee cup while reading at a cafe outdoors, left, and people walk the streets of Dublin, Ireland.
GVSU senior Kelley Sommers, left, is studying Irish literature at National University of Ireland Galway this summer, about 2.5 hours west of Dublin, pictured at right.
Image credit - Kendra Stanley-Mills

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 A college student works in a lab.
GVSU Student Summer Scholar Rachelle Baumann's project focuses on a common variant of the -lactamase enzyme (ADC-30) found in the pathogen, Acinetobacter baumannii, that contributes to antibiotic resistance.
Image credit - Amanda Pitts
 A person feeds pigeons on a city street as a bus passes behind him.
A person feeds pigeons on the streets of Dublin, Ireland as a tour bus passes behind him on July 2. Several students have been in Ireland as Grand Valley's study abroad and international internship programs are ramping back up.
Image credit - Kendra Stanley-Mills
 A scientist in a brightly colored lab coat lifts a magnet off his hand with another object as steam flows out of his hand.
Grand Valley hosted the recent conference of the American Association of Physics Teachers, which provided an opportunity for a physics demo show on the Allendale Campus that was open to the public.
Image credit - Amanda Pitts
 Two high school students laugh together while touring a university campus.
Christian Jackson, left, and friend, Leilany Baldwin, right, laugh together as they took part in the Oliver Wilson Scholars Resource Fair July 15 on the Allendale Campus.
Image credit - Kendra Stanley-Mills
 A portrait of a college student with fungal filaments shown under a microscope in a double exposure.
Summer Scholar Evan Sidebotham is doing research analyzing strains their lab constructed which over-express genes of interest to study their influence on cell adhesion and biofilm formation.
Image credit - Kendra Stanley-Mills
 A father and son react to trees suffering from issues in a cemetery.
Larry Burns, professor of psychology at Grand Valley, left, and his son, Nathan Burns, 15, right, react to a tree with oak wilt in Lake Forest Cemetery. The two have developed a fundraiser to help treat oak wilt and other tree threats in Grand Haven.
Image credit - Kendra Stanley-Mills
A college student peeks over the cover of the book, "The Jar of Happiness."
Communication Sciences and Disorders student Isabelle Villanueva is a Student Summer Scholar working with Cara Singer, assistant professor, on researching the use of bibliotherapy within the speech-language pathology field.
Image credit - Kendra Stanley-Mills
 A carillon tower is reflected into a pond.
The Cook Carillon Tower is reflected in Zumberge Pond on the Allendale Campus July 26.
Image credit - Kendra Stanley-Mills
 The sunset is reflected in the Mary Idema Pew Library windows.
The July 12th sunset is reflected in the windows of the Mary Idema Pew Library on GVSU's Allendale Campus.
Image credit - Amanda Pitts


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