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Promoting positive mental health: Counseling Center offers resources to navigate challenges during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new challenges to students across all levels of education. They've had to adjust to new forms of learning and interacting with others, while uncertainty brought on by the pandemic looms. 

The University Counseling Center recognizes these challenges and is dedicated to promoting the mental health of the student body through counseling, education and consultation.

COVID-19-safe activities that promote mental health include exercising, connecting with friends and/or family, journaling and getting outdoors.  

Other behaviors include getting enough sleep, getting enough sunlight, taking breaks from social media and practicing mindfulness.

Peer Educators in the University Counseling Center have also developed a podcast titled “I’m Doing Fine,” in which they discuss how they mind their health, practice self-care and accept the fact that sometimes, you just can’t do it alone.

Cameron Lindsay, University Counseling Center peer educator, said her wish is people will listen to the podcast and feel a sense of hope and connect with the campus community.

"I hope someone listens and feels empowered that they are not alone and that they are most certainly capable of joy,” Lindsay said. “Perhaps, someone will listen and destigmatize their preconceptions of mental health and understand it is human and healthy to have lousy mental health days.” 

While the University Counseling Center is not seeing a surge in counseling appointments, students are taking advantage of the virtual self-help and prevention programming offered.

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