Virus Action Team update: Additional information available on self-assessment, testing, 24/7 call number provided

Expanded information from Grand Valley's Virus Action Team (VAT) about tracking, technology, testing, tracing, isolation and quarantine is available on the Lakers Together website under Testing and Tracing.

VAT, a newly named team replacing the work done by the Incident Management Team, said the webpage also includes policy language, frequently asked questions and related videos. VAT will offer weekly COVID-19 updates.

Self-Assessment update from August 10

Grand Valley leadership is encouraging personal responsibility by providing education, supplies and resources to assist individuals in following public health guidance and university policy, stressing that creating a safer environment is a shared responsibility among all who come to GVSU and its off-campus partners. 

As part of creating a safe environment, a web-based self-assessment (accessed by phone, tablet or computer) is available for faculty, staff and students. GVSU health experts said the daily self-assessment was designed to be simple and quick to complete. 

Due to an executive order from Gov. Whitmer (EO 2020-161), employees must complete the online self-assessment form on any day they are working. Students must complete the online self-assessment form before coming to campus for class or work.

It is expected that all members of the GVSU community will complete the self-assessment daily to support efforts to protect the health of the community. 

Ed Aboufadel, associate vice president for Academic Affairs who serves on the VAT, said the self-assessment is the primary means for Grand Valley to collect daily information – including weekends – about how the virus is affecting the GVSU community to minimize its spread, promote public health and make sound decisions.

"For example, if there is a spike in employees reporting symptoms on Saturday, it will be critical for the Virus Action Team to know this information and to know before Monday," said Aboufadel. "With widespread completion of the self-assessment, we can support individuals in the GVSU community who need care due to symptoms or exposure." 

Aboufadel said by starting on August 17, GVSU will have two weeks of data to consider before classes begin on August 31.

Testing Plan

Along with the self-assessment, a testing plan has been established to help determine the extent to which COVID-19 is present in the GVSU community. Grand Valley will be able to compare the percentage of positive tests in the GVSU community with statistics from the broader community, and evaluate the results against actionable benchmarks. The university will also be able to support and isolate individuals who test positive.

Additional information about the testing plan can be found on the Testing and Tracing web page, including information about who will be tested, who will pay for testing and whether an individual can decline a request to be tested.

Spectrum Health 24/7 call number

Spectrum Health will provide health information support for GVSU students, faculty and staff via a 24/7 call number. The number is (833) 734-0020.

The GVSU COVID Resource Center is a resource for the GVSU community for COVID-19 health-related questions. Calls might include questions about symptoms, testing, exposure, quarantine or isolation. Individuals receiving the "not passed" screen when completing the GVSU self-assessment may also contact the resource center. 

This 24/7 call number is for personal, health-related COVID-19 questions. For questions about GVSU COVID-19 response policies or plans, email [email protected]