Next is Now: Grand Valley is committed to lifelong learning that starts today

A billboard with the "Next is Now" message.
A billboard with the "Next is Now" message.
Image Credit: Institutional Marketing

Electric blue billboards popping up across the region are carrying Grand Valley's message to all learners in these quickly evolving times: The world is waiting. Take the leap. Grand Valley will help you get there.

Next is Now.

The bold color and short but powerful message convey a sense of immediacy, and that is by design. Learners want to forge their own paths to help them stay educated and relevant throughout all stages of life, but sometimes the hardest part is getting started.

Grand Valley is evolving to meet those needs and help remove obstacles to lifelong learning, whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student or someone who wants to finish a degree.

One way is the recently announced accelerated dual degree/certificate program for adult learners is especially targeted at the 2 million Michiganders who have college credit but did not earn a bachelor's degree. For more information visit

President Philomena V. Mantella announced the program with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on February 12. Earlier Mantella announced the L3 — the Laker Lifetime Learning Commitment, that includes support for graduates' continued learning by committing financial and advising resources to alumni who want to update their skills and knowledge.

Grand Valley is also offering expanded online programming and academic coaches to allow students to learn whenever, wherever — and forever. These opportunities enhance the liberal education foundation that is the hallmark of a Grand Valley experience, whether a student is just graduating high school or that happened decades ago.

"Grand Valley has a history of being nimble, and this is the ideal time to innovate the way we're delivering the high-quality education we've always provided," said Matt McLogan, vice president for University Relations. "We're in tune with what employers in the region need, and we've designed a program to help students finish their degree quickly and with added certificates to help them further their careers. We hope "Next is Now" grabs the attention of the wide spectrum of students seeking to further their education, including those who want to finish their undergraduate degree, but haven't known where to start. We're telling all of them, Grand Valley is where to start and the time is now."

These innovations for Grand Valley are just the beginning. More certificate and badging programs are being developed. More degree programs will be tailored to meet students' needs, so what is next for them becomes more easily achieved as Lakers.