Financial incentive announced for students who complete self-assessment through the Fall semester

Computer screen showing self-assessment.
Image Credit: Valerie Wojciechowski

Starting September 18, students who complete their self-assessment every day, including weekends, for the rest of the semester will earn $200 toward the Winter 2021 semester. Students who will be graduating after the Fall semester will be rewarded for this semester in January 2021.

As of September 18, there are 95 days left in the Fall semester, including weekends. Students who complete their self-assessments for 90 days throughout the remainder of the semester will earn the $200.

The daily self-assessment, designed to be simple and quick to complete, is the primary means for the university to collect daily information about how the COVID-19 virus is affecting the GVSU community, minimize its spread, promote public health and make sound decisions.

Students coming to campus for class or work must complete a self-assessment before coming to campus; employees must complete a self-assessment on any day they are working on campus. To assist in monitoring the health of the community in real-time, it is expected that members of the GVSU community will also complete the self-assessment on days that they are not on campus.

"We can't stress enough the importance of completing the daily self-assessment," said Greg Sanial, vice president for Finance and Administration and interim director of the GVSU Virus Action Team. "This is important for two main reasons: to connect anyone who is symptomatic to medical personnel to determine the next steps, and to contribute to overall GVSU community public health."  

The self-assessment is designed to trigger all necessary supports from Spectrum Health and Grand Valley, if needed.

Take the daily self-assessment. There is a short-cut for iPhones