GVSU participates in national recycling competition

For the eighth year, Grand Valley is competing in Recyclemania, a competition among hundreds of colleges and universities across the country to collect the largest amount of recyclables and the least amount of trash.  

From February 1-March 28, Grand Valley will compete in different categories, such as Food Service Organics and Waste Minimization, over an eight-week period. 

During the 2014 competition, Grand Valley ranked first in the state and in the top 35 nationwide (for universities with more than 20,000 students) in the composting and waste minimization categories. More than 183,000 pounds of materials were recycled and nearly 300,000 pounds were composted on campus. 

Facilities Services is leading the contest, with support from Campus Dining, Office of Housing and Residence Life, Office of Sustainability Practices, Student Environmental Coalition and Pew Campus Operations.

For more information about Recyclemania, visit www.recyclemania.org. For more information about Recyclemania at Grand Valley, visit www.gvsu.edu/facilitiesservices