Message from the Provosts

The administration of both Grand Rapids Community College and Grand Valley State University endorses Student Transfer Enrollment Partnership (STEP), which began in January 2005.

"GRCC offers a variety of learning opportunities to meet the diverse needs of our students. Since many students plan to transfer to Grand Valley State University, our goal is to make that transition as smooth as possible. I believe the new Student Transfer Enrollment Partnership (STEP) does just that. A Grand Valley representative will have a regular presence on our campus. This will make it easier for GRCC students to review their academic plans with Grand Valley, resulting in a smoother transfer."

Provost, Dr. Velvie Green
Grand Rapids Community College

"At Grand Valley we believe that the multiple voices and perspectives of a diverse student body enrich our educational environment. STEP (Student Transfer Enrollment Partnership), which reaches out to assist potential transfer students from a variety of backgrounds, reflects this commitment. STEP advisors will address issues and concerns of the transfer student, leading to a successful experience at Grand Valley State University."

Provost, Dr. Gayle Davis
Grand Valley State University

Page last modified October 21, 2014