Welcome to the Office of Sponsored Programs

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is your go-to department for securing external financial support for your research, programs, projects, and creative activities. Call or email your Grants and Contracts Specialist early and often. It will make the entire process so much easier for you.

    • We research and disseminate grant opportunities that align with your interests and areas of expertise,
    • Provide technical assistance with grant and contract preparation,
    • Offer consultation on proposal development,
    • Assist with developing budgets,
    • Review and submit grant proposals and,
    • Execute contracts.

Grants and Contracts Specialists Directory

Search for which Grants and Contracts Specialist is in your area.

PI Handbook:

A Guide to Sponsored Programs at GVSU.

OneAegis User Guide:

GVSU’s Electronic Project Approval Systems for Grants and Contracts.


OneAegis replaces StreamLyne as the external grants and contracts proposals routing system.

What Is a Sponsored Program?

A sponsored program is a project that is funded by an external agency (an agency outside of GVSU). Most sponsored programs are awarded to the University on behalf of individual faculty members or Principal Investigators. The Office of Sponsored Programs submits proposals, accepts awards, and assists with the administration of the awards on behalf of the University.

Our Mission:

The Office of Sponsored Programs serves as the University's central office that supports faculty and staff in the identification, development, submission, and administration of externally sponsored agreements for scholarly research and creative activity.

Our Vision:

The Office of Sponsored Programs will be seen as a highly professional, responsive, and service-oriented organization that has an essential role in successfully advancing and supporting the University's mission and vision.

Page last modified February 9, 2024