The Global GV task force leads internationalization efforts at GVSU, especially focusing its efforts on the central goal of infusing global learning across the undergraduate curriculum. Global GV, tasked by and reporting to the Provost's Cabinet, is comprised of faculty and staff from across the Division of Academic & Student Affairs.

A precursor to the current Global GV group, the 2012-14 Internationalization Task Force, completed its work with the submission of a recommendation report to GVSU Provost, Dr. Gayle Davis, in April 2014; that report can be found on the appropriate link to the left.

Global GV Project, 2016 - 2021

The continuation of the Global GV task force is the focused effort to advance and support GVSU faculty and academic programs as they participate in the University-wide goals—particularly Institutional outcome D (from GVSU Strategic Plan, p. 10): Institutional outcome D: Grand Valley supports innovative teaching, learning, integrative scholarly and creative activity, and the use of new technologies. Objective 1.D.1: Global learning is a requirement in all undergraduate majors. Baseline: Fall 2014, 63% at level 3 out of 5 levels, with 5 as the highest (immersion) level. Objective 1.D.2: At least 20% of faculty members use state-of-the-art instructional methods and technologies in their teaching. Baseline: GVSU survey to be conducted fall 2015 to determine baseline

Mark Schaub and Carol Sánchez, Co-Chairs

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