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General Education Committee Charge

f.     General Education Committee (GEC)  [as revised 05/03/2018 UAS]

i.      Faculty Membership: Faculty membership of the GEC consists of nine members from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS), one from each of the remaining colleges, and one from the University Libraries. The term of membership is three years beginning at the end of the winter semester. Terms from those colleges with two or more members are staggered.   The General Education Director is an ex officio, non-voting member.

ii.     Student Membership: One student representative selected by and from the Student Senate for a term of one year.

iii.    Administration Membership: The Provost or designee ex officio, non-voting

iv.    Responsibilities:
       a) to provide guidance and support to the university community regarding the aims, philosophy, achievements, and problems of the General Education Program;
       b) to review and act upon courses proposed for the General Education Program;
       c) to make minor revisions to the General Education Program (for example, changing the name of a category or adding, revising, or removing a student learning outcome
           in the category);
       d) to propose to UAS major changes to the General Education Program;
       e) to ensure that the General Education skill and knowledge outcomes of each General Education course are assessed every four years:
           1. to review and provide formative and/or summative feedback on General Education Course Assessment Reports;
           2. to report annually on student performance of the General Education knowledge and skills outcomes to faculty governance:
           3. to submit a comprehensive report on student performance of the General Education knowledge and skills outcomes, and share these results with faculty governance
               and the broader university community every four years: 
           4. to propose changes to the General Education Program or make changes to the assessment process informed by the assessment data.

        f) to remove a course from the General Education Program (see SG 2.01) if:
           1. changes have been made to course prerequisites that were not approved by the General Education Committee;
           2. the course was not appropriately and effectively assessed by the unit in a timely manner as described in the Recertification Policy posted on the General Education

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