Flexible Work Arrangements: What you need to know

What is a FWA? A flexible work arrangement (FWA) provides employees with greater freedom over when, where and how they work, which in turn supports improved work-life balance. Because work-life balance looks different for everyone, there are many different ways to approach FWAs, including flextime, telecommuting, compressed work schedules, job sharing, abbreviated schedules or part-time, and 9-10 month arrangements.

Why are FWAs important? The more work-life balance opportunities there are in a workplace, the greater the benefits are in recruitment, productivity, retention, employee satisfaction, and a decrease in unscheduled absences. In an effort to maintain this balance, GVSU strives to provide flexible work arrangements (FWAs) in appropriate areas. These arrangements will ultimately benefit students, the individual, departments, and the campus community.

Get started! There are many instances of flexible work arrangements at GVSU today; however, FWAs may not work in every area of the university. Determine if a FWA is suitable for you, your department and/or a staff member; learn more about FWA options; how to request a FWA and more.

Page last modified December 9, 2021