GVSU Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA) Guidelines Toolkit

Guide to Planning & Managing FWAs

Work-life balance means people have a measure of control over when, where and how they work. GVSU recognizes the importance of our staff members maintaining this balance to retain a healthy lifestyle. The more work/life balance opportunities there are in a workplace, the greater the benefits are in recruitment, productivity, retention, staff satisfaction and a decrease in unscheduled absences. In an effort to maintain this balance, GVSU strives to provide flexible work arrangements (FWAs) in appropriate areas.  These arrangements will ultimately benefit students, the individual, departments, and the campus community.
Recognizing the increasing demands that staff members face in both their personal and work lives, GVSU is working towards developing more comprehensive flexible work arrangement (FWA) guidelines by offering a Web site devoted to workplace flexibility.  The Web site includes a description of various flexible work arrangements options; the pros and cons, guidelines for requesting or implementing workplace flexibility and a Q&A page.  Tips are available to assist supervisors on how to consider a flexible work arrangement for their area.

There are many instances of flexible work arrangements at GVSU today, however, FWAs may or may not work in every area of the university.  The GVSU Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA) Toolkit provides appointing officers, supervisors and staff members assistance in making an informed decision to determine if workplace flexibility is suitable for the department and for the individual staff member.

Goal number two of the Grand Valley State University Strategic Plan 2010-2015 states "Grand Valley provides a rich inclusive learning and working environment that attracts, retains and supports a diverse community."  By combining this goal with flexible work arrangements, this, in turn, will result in a workforce that is better equipped to meet the needs of a diverse student body.

We would like to thank Duke University Human Resources for assisting GVSU in developing the Flexible Work Arrangement Web site.