Athletics' DEI program earns national honor

June 13, 2023 (Volume 46, Number 18)
Article by Brian Vernellis

people fill an auditorium to listen to keynote speakers on stage

Student athletes listen to SEA of Change's keynote address by Kenton Mack and Audra Koopman in 2022 at the Haas Performing Center for the Arts.

Photo Credit: Amanda Pitts

NASPA, Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, has recently selected Grand Valley's Athletics department’s SEA of Change and Waves of Change initiative as an NASPA 2023 Excellence Award Silver Honoree. 

The honor is presented to Grand Valley in the category for Athletics, Recreation, Counseling, Health, Wellness and related. Callie Youngman, athletics inclusion director, submitted the program for NASPA’s consideration. 

Established in 2021, the SEA (Supporting, Elevating, Activating) of Change seeks to eliminate barriers among student athletes and develop a deeper understanding of their fellow Lakers. 

Last year, SEA of Change brought together more than 350 student athletes to listen to speakers and connect through workshops addressing issues of diversity and inclusion. The Waves of Change builds upon those workshops and discussions to construct better relationships among Laker student athletes. 

NASPA is a U.S.-based organization devoted to the field of student affairs.


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