Faculty members receive grants to attend national conference

May 16, 2023 (Volume 46, Number 17)
Article by Michele Coffill

Eight faculty members received grants to attend the Faculty Women of Color in the Academy National Conference in late April in Arlington, Virginia. The Grand Valley cohort was sponsored by the Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center, Division of Inclusion and Equity, and Office of the President.

Attendees were Adeline Borti, assistant professor of English; Dianne Green-Smith, professor of social work; Wei Gu, associate professor of teaching and learning; Lihua Huang, associate professor of social work; Paola Leon, associate professor of social work; Rui Niu-Cooper, associate professor of literacy, educational foundations and technology; Jakia Marie, assistant professor of African and African American Studies; and Kimberly McKee, associate professor of integrative, religious and intercultural studies.

The 11th annual conference, this year hosted by Virginia Tech, offered a unique opportunity for women of color to network and learn with colleagues from around the country. Borti said the Grand Valley cohort enjoyed the conference and called it a "rejuvenating space."

"Being in a community and connecting with people who look like us, talk like us and understand our joys, fears, struggles, determination, commitment and aspiration is not only a commitment to self-care but it is an act and devotion to community care," Borti said. "The conference was another rejuvenating space that brought together faculty and other professionals in the academy to connect, support and empower the faculty of color sisterhood."

Faculty members can apply for a grant to attend next year's FWCA conference. Watch for an email from the FTLC and Division of Inclusion and Equity in late December.


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