Teach-In will offer both in-person, virtual sessions

October 26, 2021 (Volume 45, Number 5)

image for Teach-In reads Teach-In: Power, Privilege, and Difficult Dialogues.

The ninth annual Teach-In is scheduled for November 10-11.

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The ninth annual Teach-In will be held November 10-11, with a hybrid of in-person and virtual sessions.

"Power, Privilege and Difficult Dialogues" is coordinated by the Student Senate and University Academic Senate. Sessions address topics related to inequality, power and privilege, and social justice, and are presented by teams of students, faculty and staff members.

November 10 in-person sessions will be held at the L. William Seidman Center on the Pew Grand Rapids Campus; November 11 in-person sessions will be held at the Kirkhof Center on the Allendale Campus.


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