Slides, quick facts available for presentations

April 4, 2023 (Volume 46, Number 15)
Article by Michele Coffill

GVSU At-A-Glance slide of 11 facts

An At-A-Glance slide can be inserted into a presentation or downloaded to share.

Looking for quick facts about Grand Valley to quickly add to your presentation?

An "At-A-Glance" powerpoint slide has been added to the Identity website, managed by Institutional Marketing.

From the average class size (26) to number of student organizations (400) to the university's economic impact on area communities ($918 million), this slide quickly tells Grand Valley's story.

A flyer with the same information plus key university messages can be shared or printed. 

The Accountability Report website contains a deeper look into measures of university performance and student outcomes, and ranks Grand Valley's performance with other public universities in Michigan and nationwide.


Across Campus

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