AWRI faculty member retires after more than 26 years

August 23, 2023 (Volume 46, Number 20)
Article by Brian Vernellis

portrait of Rick Rediske against a gray background

Rick Rediske retired from AWRI after nearly 30 years.

After a career as a researcher that stretched more than six decades, Rick Rediske retired from his post at the Annis Water Resources Institute at the end of July.

A member of the AWRI team of scientists for more than 26 years, Rediske, professor of water resources, is an authority in the chemistry and toxicology of Michigan’s waterways. 

“I will really miss being able to do the science and the lab work,” Rediske said. “We’ve always tried to do really impactful, high-quality work, and I’ve been able to do that in different areas.”

Rediske said after he joined AWRI in 1994, he quickly received a grant to study the sediment in Muskegon Lake and the water quality in its tributaries.

Along the way, Rediske has been instrumental in the study of E.coli bacteria in Michigan watersheds, and the emerging environmental and human health impacts of PFAS and water issues in developing nations.

Leading up to his retirement, his research focused on studying the coronavirus in wastewater. 

After taking a month off, Rediske said he’ll remain active and help with ecological issues when he can. 

“I’ve had a long career, I’ve never really had a sabbatical or anything like that,” Rediske said. “I’m still going to be involved with PFAS. I was part of the citizen group that found the Wolverine contamination. 

“So I'm still helping the citizens of the Rockford area and helping communities respond to their water problems,” he said. 



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