eLearning - Digital Video: Introduction to Panopto Video


This badge represents successfully completing the Digital Video training. This recognition highlights the recipient's ability to create video screen captures or instructional videos, and effectively manage their video content in Panopto.


  • Successful completion of an introduction to Panopto seminar and submission of a video-based reflection.

  • Video reflections should be recorded with Panopto video and feature the badge earner's voice and, ideally, video from their webcam. If it's not possible to include webcam video, a screen recording may be used in its place.

  • Video reflections should be a minimum of 30 seconds in length.

  • To claim your badge, you will be asked to provide a link to your Panopto video. Instructions for sharing a video using a link can be found here.


End of the semester following the semester in which the badge-worthy activity took place.


Matthew Roberts

Digital Video Badge

Learning Objectives

  • Explore and identify the various features of Panopto

  • Identify the capabilities of Panopto for sharing instructional video content

  • Learn the basics of Panopto for creating screencast videos

  • Generate a Panopto recording

  • Publish an Panopto recording

  • Share a recording in Blackboard