We are delighted to unveil the FacultyBadges@GVSU Initiative – a collaborative partnership of the Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center, University Libraries, and eLearning and Emerging Technologies. This initiative offers faculty the opportunity to demonstrate learning and professional outcomes in a way that is transparent and defined by published criteria.

What is a Digital Badge?

Digital badges capture and communicate an accomplishment of some kind. Sometimes referred to as micro-credentials, digital badging provides a framework in which to document knowledge, skills, and competencies gained through various learning and professional development opportunities.

A digital badge has four basic elements:

  • Icon designed to convey basic information about the badge achievement, eg. name, date, issuing organization (GVSU), and relative level of accomplishment  (bronze, silver, gold)

  • Metadata embedded in the badge that contains detailed information about who issued the badge, what the criteria were for earning it, when it was earned, keyword tags, evidence, and any other relevant information to convey the value of the certification.

  • A Trusted Issuer - the FacultyBadges@GVSU Initiative includes a robust process for the approval and issuance of the badge. Our issuing process ensures integrity, value of the badges, and coordination across the university.  

  • Display Platform that allows badges to be viewed, verified and managed; the FacultyBadges@GVSU program will issue digital badges via Acclaim that can then be shared via departmental profile pages, personal blogs, social networking platforms, or digital portfolios.  


To reflect the range of faculty professional development programs at Grand Valley, the FacultyBadges@GVSU program issues three unique levels of badges:

  • Bronze for basic achievements wherein faculty become familiar with the essentials of a topic and submit a written reflection

  • Silver for development of proficiencies wherein faculty participate in more extensive learning and submit evidence of implementation

  • Gold for more advanced and integrative activities wherein faculty continue to refine implementation, disseminate findings or exhibit campus leadership around a topic.

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Page last modified October 28, 2019