Student Driver Procedures

All students driving university-owned, rental or personal vehicles on behalf of Grand Valley State University must complete the following procedures.  Students must complete this process every academic year.  All permissions will expire at the end of the current academic year. 

Students with 6 or more points or with special circumstances on their license will not be cleared to drive on behalf of GVSU.


Please complete the Student Driver Checklist 2018-2019 in the shared Facilities-Data Motorpool folder. If you require access to the shared folder, please email Michelle Holstege <> .



If the student is an out of state student - they must obtain a copy of their driving record from the state issuing their license. This can often be done online.  Please understand, there may be fees and it may take time for you to receive your records, and you will not be eligible to drive until the process is completed.

           Students 18 – 20 are ONLY permitted to drive sedans or mini-vans.

           Students 21 and older are permitted to drive all vehicles including 12 or 15 passenger vans both in and out of state.

           All students 21 and older that will be driving a 12 or 15 passenger van must review the 12 – 15 Passenger Driver Awareness Power Point. This Power Point is available here.



Upon receipt, the student should bring the driving record to the Grand Valley Police Department for review. If you receive your records electronically, they can be submitted by emailing them to The Grand Valley Police Department will review the documents and update the checklist in the motor-pool folder with Cleared (Yes / No) and DPS Expiration Date, weekly.



The Advisor can confirm which students are eligible to drive for their program/trip by checking Student Driver Checklist 2019-2020 in the Facilities-Data Motorpool folder. Advisers must verify that the students have completed the Driver Awareness Training.  The Advisor will notify the students if they are eligible to drive on behalf of Grand Valley State University. The Advisor will notify other trip sponsors of the eligible drivers for their trip.