Standard Bulk (Marketing) Mail

Bulk Mailings must meet these requirements to be considered bulk mailings:

  • Minimum of 200 pieces. All pieces must be identical in weight and contents.
  • Only being mailed within the USA.
  • Each piece must have a printed indicia on the envelope (in place of a stamp or meter print).
  • Departments must use the printed GVSU "corporate indicia" (see example on Preparation Page) on new envelopes, which will work at the Allendale or Grand Rapids post office.

Standard Bulk mail that is undeliverable is not forwarded or returned by the USPS unless one the following endorsements is used:

  • Address Service Requested
  • Return Service Requested
  • Forwarding Service Requested
  • Change Service Requested

There is a fee for each of these services. Refer to section 240 of the USPS Domestic Mail Manual here: USPS Domestic Mail Manual for pricing information.

Nonprofit vs. Regular Standard A Mail
There are significant savings sending your bulk mailings at the nonprofit rate verses the regular rate. To qualify for the nonprofit rate, the content of the mailing must be aligned with GVSU's primary purpose - education. Three typical subjects that disqualify nonprofit status are travel, insurance, and credit cards.

Joint mailings with other nonprofit organizations must be arranged in advance with the Allendale Post Office (895-1406). If you have any questions about your mailing being able to qualify for nonprofit status, please call the post office before sending the mailing out.

Processing Time

Bulk mail will be processed as quickly as possible, within two business days or less (the actual time will depend on the number and quantities of bulk mailings going out that week).

Page last modified August 21, 2023