Hazardous Communication (Material Safety Data Sheet or MSDS):


Facilities Services MSDS sheets can be viewed at the following locations:

  1. Service Building Warehouse: Maintenance and Custodial Chemicals
  2. Grounds Supervisor, Service Building: Grounds Chemicals
  3. Central Utilities Building: Boiler Plant Chemicals

At GVSU, all staff are trained in lab safety before instructing a lab course. This training is offered online or in a scheduled classroom time. It is important for staff to be properly trained in handling chemicals in our labs and be able to pass this information on to students.

Whenever you are working with hazardous chemicals it is important to wear safety goggles to provide full splash protection!


For more information regarding Lab Safety at GVSU.

Emergency Preparedness:

Areas of Refuge for Severe Weather

In the case of severe weather, it is important to seek shelter in a designated safety area. There are various shelter areas around Grand Valley's campus. Our faculty and staff are trained in offering guidance and direction toward your nearest shelter. Remember to stay low and away from windows or other objects that are not securely fastened to a surface.


Page last modified June 27, 2018