Inter-Department Mail

Inter-Departmental or Inter-Campus Mail consists of enveloped correspondence from one campus address for delivery to another campus address in a properly labeled GVSU envelope.

This mail should be sent in an inter-departmental envelope and should contain the destination’s address which includes the department, building, and person’s name on the outside of the envelope in the corresponding columns. Ensure to include the current and accurate information to avoid delivery issues. *Additionally, ensure the previous address line is completely crossed-out. Examples below.


Envelope Address example 1

Department & Address
must be filled out as the
minimum to arrive at its
intended destination.

Envelope Address example 2

We do not offer inter-departmental mail service to Traverse City or Detroit.

If sending Intercampus mail to students (living on campus), include the student's name, dorm/living center name, and room number.

Intercampus Mail Cycle – Mail going between Grand Rapids & Allendale will take 2 business days to arrive at its destination. There are no charges for intercampus mail.

Intercampus envelopes can be purchased through the copy center.

Page last modified August 21, 2023