Fire Safety Education:

Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to familiarize themselves where the nearest exit routes are in order to calmly evacuate a building in case of a fire.


Dial 911 for all emergencies, including fire-related incidents. For monitoring and recording purposes, report fires that have occurred and/or are suspected to have occurred to the Grand Valley Police Department at (616)331-3255 in Allendale or Pew Campus Security at (616)331-6677 in Grand Rapids.

Evacuation of Buildings:

Faculty, staff, and students are expected to evacuate the building when a fire alarm is sounded. Misuse of the fire alarm system, including sounding a false alarm or tampering with extinguishers or smoke detectors, is prohibited.

  1. Always exit the building when a fire alarm sounds.
  2. If you come across a fire, dial 911 immediately and follow their instructions.
  3. Before leaving the room, feel the room door. If the door is cool, leave the building by the closest exit. Remain calm and walk. Do not run. If the door is hot, do not open it. Proceed to a window and open it, if possible and signal for help. If you can not open a window or do not have a window dial 911 and give them your location.
  4. Once outside, proceed away from the building and leave room for emergency vehicles, then wait for further instructions.
  5. Faculty, staff, and students may not re-enter a building until notice is given from the Grand Valley Police or Pew Campus Security.


Fire Extinguishers:

Fire extinguishers are only to be used on small fires if you are familiar with the operation procedures listed below. Do NOT stay behind to fight the fire! Evacuation is of primary importance.

If a fire does occur, remain as close to the ground as possible to avoid smoke while exiting the building.

When using a fire extinguisher remember to... PASS

  1. PULL (the pin)
  2. AIM (at the base of the fire)
  3. SQUEEZE ( the handle at a distance or 8-12 feet)
  4. SWEEP (the compound side to side)

Watch how to use a fire extinguisher

Page last modified June 27, 2018