Vacation/Sick Request Form - MGS Staff

Complete the Vacation Request form and submit it directly to your supervisor. Your supervisor will approve or deny your request in an email.

  • A request for the use of vacation time shall generally be submitted at least twenty (20) working days in advance of the beginning of the vacation time. A response shall be made within seven (7) working days of the request. Requests not answered within seven (7) working days shall be considered approved. Supervisors will be entitled to request a tentative vacation schedule early in each calendar year. (contract section 12.2.2 C)
  • Subject to available vacation accrual balance at time vacation is taken. (contract section 12.2.2 F)

If you are requesting use of sick time - please note that if your absence is longer than three days a doctor's note will be required.

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Page last modified December 4, 2023