W8GVU Goes to Big Sable Lighthouse

Friday, May 13, 2022
5:00 p.m.
Off Campus

W8GVU Goes to Big Sable Lighthouse

Join W8GVU Amateur Radio as we go on our summer expedition to Big Sable Lighthouse in Ludington Michigan!

We'll be on sight operating the radios for a 24 hour long period on the weekend of May 14th!

Everyone is welcome to join, and you don't need an amateur radio license to operate the radio (while under supervision)! If you're interested in learning how to operate one of the radios to talk to those around the world, sign up here!

If you have any questions, please email [email protected], or join our Discord server!

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Big Sable Point Lighthouse

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The GVSU ARC, registered in 1997 and currently operating under the callsign "W8GVU" is a group of students and faculty who provide students a gateway to amateur radio, to communicate with other hams and/or other amateur radio clubs, to provide communications for public service, and to improve student skills concerning radio theory and operation.

Located across from room 202 in the Keller Engineering Laboratories in GVSU's Pew Campus, we have "open shack" opportunities to allow students to learn more about amateur radio, as well as other events throughout the year, such as Field Day in late June, the Collegiate QSO Party in september, and may more!

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W8GVU Amateur Radio


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