Upcycled Crafts Workshop

Friday, October 9, 2020
8:00 a.m.

Upcycled Crafts Workshop

Hello, Farm Club family! You might have already heard, but if you havent, were happy to announce that its Sustainability Month! The Office of Sustainability Practices has put together a calendar of activities, conferences, lessons, and challenges to educate and promote the sustainable lifestyle (access it here), and were happy to say that were contributing a workshop and social media challenge!

To celebrate and participate in the Sustainability Month festivities, were hosting a workshop all about upcycling! And what is upcycling? Upcycling, of course, is like recycling; its the practice of taking waste materials and renewing them for another purpose. Upcycling refuses the potential for pollution by taking something that might have ended up in a landfillsay, a plastic straw or a K-Cupand fashioning it into something new.

Angela and I have written up instructions for two upcycled crafts (find them on our Facebook page or under the documents tab here on LakerLink). Angela made a darling wreath out of K-Cups and old jeans; I made a window ornament out of plastic straws. We hope that youll choose one of these crafts to complete on your ownbut we encourage original ideas, too! If you participate in the workshop and make an upcycled craft, please post pictures of your finished project to our Facebook page with the hashtag #SustainabilityMonth. We want to see your amazing creations!

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We encourage you to post your upcycled creations to our Facebook page. The link for the page is below, but it's just as easy to search for the group in Facebook (GVSU Farm Club). Our cover photo is the SAP's white picket fence logo against a leafy background. If you're not already a member of the group, please request membership; this will prompt you to answer some simple questions about your affiliation to GVSU and interest in Farm Club. Provided you're not a robot, your membership request should be granted promptly. :)

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The Farm Club is a student group dedicated to promoting the principles and practices of sustainable agriculture. We provide an open space for veggies, knowledge, and relationships to grow! Join us for volunteer hours at the Sustainable Agriculture Project every Monday and Thursday from 9AM to noon. Here's where to go: tinyurl.com/SAPmap

We use Facebook as a means of posting events and opportunities for participation. Search for the "GVSU Farm Club" to stay involved!

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