Sustainable Family Enterprise Alliance Webinar

Thursday, October 5, 2023
12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Alumni, Community, Faculty, Staff, Students

Sandra Correia

In this seminar, awarded Portuguese entrepreneur Sandra Correia, 3rd generation member of her family business will tell the story, challenges faced and outcomes of her entrepreneurial journey through the family business and PELCOR, her venture within the core business.

Sandra Isabel Correia , is an international awarded entrepreneur and businesswoman. She is a leading transformation mentor, who supports entrepreneurs with business strategy, holistic wellness, and mindset mastery for their life. Previously, she established her own brand, Pelcor® (sold in 2016). With Pelcor®, Sandra marked cork a fashionable material turning it into stylish products and exporting globally. Today she has a new brand #oamorexiste® based on mentorship to bring awareness to Entrepreneurial mindset.

Her most important achievements:

2016 – “Enterprising Women of the Year Award” by American Enterprising Women Magazine/USA

2015 – “Best International Business Women 2015” by WOP – Women’s President Organization/IWEC

2014 – “AmCham Trophy Tribute” for PELCOR by USA Chamber of Commerce in Portugal

2012 – “Best Business Women in Portugal” by Máxima Magazine & Jornal de Negócios (Press)

2013 - “Portugal Ambassador for “A New Beginning IVLP Program” in USA

2011 – “Best Female Entrepreneur of the Year for Europe” by the European Community (UE) and European Council of Women Entrepreneurs


In 2013, Sandra Isabel Correia was selected to join “A New Beginning: Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation" USA,  representing Portugal, an entrepreneurship summit established by U.S. President Barak Obama designed to harness private sector creativity and innovation to address global concerns.

In 2017, Sandra launched her latest project for Portugal – Women’s Club Portugal inspired in American way of connecting people; with the aim to promote equal opportunities based on meritocracy, and gender equality based on Universal Human Rights.

In 2018, Sandra launches her new brand #oamorexiste (#loveisreal) based on Advising with the aim to create awareness to entrepreneurs and business filed.

In 2020, Sandra launches her Life Academy #oamorexiste where entrepreneurs develop their emotional intelligence through sharing experiences and upscale their entrepreneurship through mentoring with a new mindset mastery conceived by Sandra. Life Academy is where entrepreneurs start shift themselves to create impact in the world, in their business life and personal life through advising and mentoring. It's a place where we can learn how to live your dreams and not your fears.

In 2020, Sandra is Co-author and Producer of “Planetiers Home Gathering”, a TV program at TVI24 Channel.

In 2022, Sandra partners in a new project named World Generation Tour with the aim to empower business communities, Brands, Talents and prepare economy for the challenges of Next Generation.

In 2022, Sandra launches her Podcast Journaling #loveisreal to share her wisdom and help humanity face their challenges.

In 2022, Sandra makes an upload at her advocacy project Women´s Club Portugal for a new identity and mission World Humanity Forum advocating for Human Rights.

In 2023, Sandra worked as International Adviser ( Project Planner; Connector; Advisor) with SCP – Schools Consent Project, a Charity based in London, dedicated to educating and empowering young people to understand, and engage with the issues surrounding consent and sexual assault, for New Chapter in NYC. It was a 6 months project, Also, SCP is the charity supported by Prima Facie Play, played by Emmy; Bafta and Tony  awarded actress Jodie Comer.

In 2023, Sandra works as Project Planner and Advisor with The Cape Verde NGO for the Fight Against Gender-Based Violence (ACLCVBG) for “Let’s Talk About Consent and Gender Equality” project to be implement in Cape Verde at 2024.

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