Pokemon Club's Cryptid Scavenger

Wednesday, October 28, 2020
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Allendale Campus

Pokemon Club's Cryptid Scavenger

Come join us for a spooky scavenger hunt themed around cryptids! Gather your friends or go solo to track down these mythical creatures found at popular locations on campus. They will be found on laminated ID sized cards exclusively outdoors so there is no need to enter any buildings. Use the prompts provided to start your adventure. To keep track of the creatures you've found take a picture of the card at it's location (feel feel to include yourself in the photo). Please do not touch the cards as it will scare the cryptids! Once you're done submit your answers to this Google Form and then you can pick up your prize in the Office of Student Life. You will get a bag of candy for participating and a caramel apple if you are one of the first people to find all the cryptids and submit your photos. Happy hunting!


As you walk the gravel path

Take a look into the trees

You may see me lumber past

Take a picture if you please

Deep in the woods you may see

A lupine man behind a tree

Go to the place with a wooded path

One that trails off into the back

On the path that spans a gap and through the trees you may see

Large red eyes that will make you flee

Cross quickly or you may find

The place collapsing and disinclined

The scariest monsters can be found in deep waters

Some say theyve caught glimpses of movement in the water here

Is it an abandoned goldfish or something more?

This place on campus changes every time you see it

Just like this legend changes every time its told

Is it a frog or iguana?

Nobody knows&

In this building you will find

A place where the vines climb

Perhaps you can find some sage and thyme

Oh yeah its big brain time

In the center of campus stands a place

Where people pass out pamphlets of their taste

Like this imp they demand attention

Or else they cause lots of tension

This creature is as confusing as the building in which its found

It may take a little looking around

The key to its location

Takes a little concentration

When walking the halls late at night

Be careful not to get a fright

This creature may be looking for prey

A lab with blood would keep it at bay

A cat-like creature of the deep

Said to protect the precious copper of the UP

It lives in the northern lake

The best of the halls as some would debate

On this thin path by the woods

This metal object reflects the light

If catches you off guard

It might give you a fright

Near the lakes is where I lie

You may catch me in the corner of your eye

Under the fountain made of bronze

With a view of the pond

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Allendale campus

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