New Treatments For Alzheimer's Disease

Thursday, March 9, 2023
8:00 p.m.
Off Campus
Alumni, Community, Faculty, Staff, Students

Science On Tap, co-sponsored by GVSU and SpeakEZ Lounge, is an opportunity for conversation, debate, and interaction between scientists and the public while drinking beer. Each month at SpeakEZ, a knowledgeable expert hosts a scientific discussion about current topics in the news such as Ebola and the paleo diet. This is a great chance to exercise your academic interests in a casual setting while enjoying great food and adult beverages.

Below is the information for March's Science On Tap:

Title: New Treatments For Alzheimer’s Disease

Speaker: David Morgan, Dept. of Translational Neuroscience, College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University

Event Description:

The medical costs of caring for Alzheimer's dementia equals 1.4% of the US GDP making it the most costly medical issue. Until recently we only treated symptoms but not the underlying causes of the disease. Recently, amyloid immunotherapy has been approved by the FDA as a disease modifying treatment for early stage Alzheimer's. This lecture will review the last 25 years of research leading to what, we hope, is the first of many meaningful treatments to slow the disease progression.

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