Delight Ministries Kickoff Party!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020
7:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Delight Ministries Kickoff Party!!

Please join us via Zoom for a chance to meet the leaders, ask questions, and get to know our community! At this event, you'll learn everything you need to know about Delight. We are so excited to me each one of you.

Virtual Delight Small Groups will begin meeting weekly (over Zoom) on Tuesday, September 29th from 7:30pm-8:30pm. If you have not already and are interested in joining the Delight community, please fill out the Small Group Sign Up: Your Small Group Leaders will be reaching out to you via text and GroupMe by Sunday, September 27th.

All members are encouraged to purchase a Delight Devotional each semester, which contains the weekly material that Virtual Delight Small Groups cover. Please purchase a Devotional as soon as possible because they tend to sell out very quickly. Once you have submitted this Google Form, you will be given a discount code for FREE SHIPPING! Delight Devotionals can be purchased at the following website:

If you need assistance in purchasing a Delight Devotional, please fill out the following Google Form:

Also, we would love for everyone to have a Bible, so please fill out the following Google Form if you need assistance in purchasing a Bible:

Thank you so much for your interested in being a part of this incredible ministry at Grand Valley State University! We are so excited for God's plans for this upcoming year!

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Grand Valley State University's Delight Ministries Chapter is here to...

1. Provide a Christ-Centered Community: The primary activity of Delight Ministries is to launch, grow and sustain Christ-centered women's communities at college campuses across the country. Each community meets weekly to share stories of God at work, and also incorporate worship nights, opportunities to serve, and fun get-togethers that help foster relationships. Delight provides the opportunity for hundreds of women to Delight in the Lord together throughout their college journey.

2. Foster Vulnerability: The heart of Delight Ministries is to provide an environment for women to vulnerably share about how Christ has been at work in their lives. We've heard stories of depression, loneliness, heartbreak, identity crisis and pain, but the common theme throughout them all is that even still, God is good. We truly believe in the power of vulnerability and how it impacts our relationship with Christ and others.

3. Transform Stories: It's so easy to walk through college and never encounter true community or a relationship with Jesus. Delight Ministries desires to change the college experience for women everywhere by helping them to transform their stories. We believe that transformation happens when we live fully invested in pursuing Christ, vulnerability and community. Our stories become no longer about us, but rather about Christ in us.

Heres a link to the Delight Ministries website to learn more:

We are so looking forward to meeting YOU!

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