University Courses

EGR 343 Applied Electromagnetics

Review of vector calculus, Maxwell’s equations, electromagnetic waves, transmission lines and antennas. EMC topics: signal spectra, signal integrity, crosstalk, overview of standard EMC tests and regulations. HyperLynx modeling of transmission lines.

EGR 443 Electromagnetic Compatibility

Conducted emissions and power supply filters, conducted susceptibility, radiated emissions, radiated susceptibility, electrostatic discharge, inductive, capacitive, conducted and radiated coupling mechanisms, electromagnetic shielding, common-mode and differential-mode currents . EMC test procedures. EMC precompliance lab measurements. Design project – SMPS for minimal conducted and radiated emissions.

EGR 643 PCB and EMC Design

Current distribution and current return path, decoupling capacitors and embedded capacitance, ground bounce and power rail collapse, PCB layout and stack-up, differential signaling,  Design project - PCB design for EMC compliance.

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