Blackboard: Achievements and Certificates


You can use Blackboard achievements to create opportunities for students to earn recognition for their work. You designate criteria for issuing achievements to students in the form of both badges and certificates. Students can see which badges and certificates they have earned and what is required to receive additional recognition. They can gain insight into learning progression toward defined competencies.

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Faculty/Staff may create customized certificates for special occasions or completion of courses or materials and recognition of accomplishments.

To create a custom Certificate:
1) Download the template or create your own for scratch.  Certificate-template.pptx
2) Modify the template to meet your criteria How to Modify Certificate Instructions.pdf   and save your work
3) How to upload your Certificate to Blackboard. 
4) NOTE: Using Blackboard’s Adaptive Release tool you can create a set of rules to control how the certificate is released to
students. The rules may be related to availability, date and time, individual usernames, membership in course groups,
review status of another item in the course, and Grade Center items such as scores, attempts, and calculated columns.

Page last modified July 19, 2019