Academic Continuity and Remote Teaching - Leveraging Technology

Between winter storms, polar vortexes, ice storms, pandemics, or other critical situations... it can be that GVSU's campus locations will close. Thankfully, we have a wide array of digital learning solutions to help keep your students on track. 

As part of a business and academic continuity solution, and to be prepared to continue classroom instruction through remote teaching (communication, delivery of content, assignment management, grading and feedback) we recommend leveraging GVSU's enterprise technologies.

During a wide spread crisis situation, we recommend and encourage faculty to be prepared to utilize Blackboard, Panopto, and Respondus.

  • Blackboard – All faculty and students have access to Blackboard at GVSU. Further, all courses have a section with enrollment automatically updated in Blackboard. Using the system, faculty can continue teaching and learning through: sending announcements, uploading lecture notes and class materials, collecting online assignments, facilitating online discussions, assigning online quizzes, sharing feedback and grades with students, posting instructional videos, and hosting live virtual office hours.
    • Online Assignments – Instead of having students bring a hard copy of their work to class or having them send all kinds of email attachments, consider using the online assignment tool in Blackboard. 
    • Online Discussions – Create small or large group online Blackboard discussions to allow students to debate, support and supplement their course readings in place of in-seat discussion.
    • Online Quizzes and Tests – Blackboard allows for online quizzes and tests that can include 15 question types, including multiple choice, true/false, matching, fill-in-the blank, and short answer/essay. 
      • Respondus LockDown Browser & Monitor – Provides faculty with the ability to help ensure academic integrity by enforcing students to use a secure browser and also a webcam to monitor student assessment sessions.
    • Synchronous Class Meetings and Virtual Office Hours – Provide students an opportunity to attend a live class meeting or virtual office hour appointment, use Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate Ultra to host a video conferencing session.  

In addition to using Blackboard, GVSU provides opportunities to best use video to relay course materials, lectures, and class information to students.

  • Panopto Videos – Record or narrate a PowerPoint lecture, create engaging video content, and consider using Panopto to post instructional videos to a Blackboard course.  

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