Register now for ENG 314/DS 314 Digital Literacies (spring 2019)

March 18, 2019

Register now for ENG 314/DS 314 Digital Literacies (spring 2019)

ENG 314/DS314: Digital Literacies
Spring 2019
T/R 12:00-3:20
Hybrid: Tuesday f2f, Thursday online
Professor Robert Rozema

English 314/DS 314 examines literary production and consumption as it occurs in digital spaces with digital tools. This course will foster students' abilities to critically interpret literary texts using digital tools. Students will study literary authorship, readership, and analysis from the inception of the printing press to the present.  We will focus on three central metaphors that help us understand digital literacies: the Library of Babel, the Garden of the Forking Paths; and the Secondary World.  These three metaphors offer explanations of the way technologies--and especially digital technologies--influence the authorship, genres, publishing, preservation, and readership of literary and non-literary texts.  We will read print and digital works, both creative and scholarly, speculative and practical, that guide our understanding of digital literacies and our central metaphors.  And we’ll produce digital texts of our own that demonstrate our understanding of course ideas. 

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