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How does vinyl work?

Vinyl is used on a variety of surfaces when a shape or text is desired. The stock the DPS has in vinyl is removable and leaves behind no residue.

Removable vinyl uses include: 

  • exhibition text/statements on drywall & other surfaces
  • product demos/design
  • bumper stickers
    • Please note only ONE color of vinyl can be printed at a time. Do not submit multiple colors of vinyl within the same file. Each file needs to be a single color. 




File Type

For Vinyl, please submit a .ai file with all text outlined. This command can be found in Illustrator as "create outlines." After this step, then submit the file to the DPS. 

File Size

Create the .ai file with an art board height of 13 inches by as long as you would like up to about 3 or 4 feet to avoid rollers slipping when being cut. If you want a large image or text installation (beyond ~ 13in x48in) then you prepare multiple files and tile multiple rows of vinyl together.

creating outlines in illustrator

Please note, vinyl does not come ready to install. The DPS provides the transfer tape required, but clients are responsible for weeding & otherwise preparing their vinyl for installation. 


Indicate the color of vinyl that you want within the comments section of the DPS ordering website. That includes the finish either matte or glossy. 

Page last modified April 5, 2024