We charge for prints based on image size, i.e. the actual size of your image as it will be printed on the media. This is the information you will enter in the width and length fields on the order form. Clients may add up to 3" of border space on each side for no extra charge. Indicate your desired border size (if any) in the Comments section of the order form. If greater than 3" border space is desired, a charge will be added per additional square inch. We will add this charge and notify the client before completing the order.

Media Size

Media Size refers to the dimensions of the media upon which an image will be printed. Our available sizes are listed in the description of each Media Type. If you would like to select a specific media size, please indicate this choice in the Comments section of the order form. If no such selection is made, we will print the image on the smallest available size.


For clients who order vinyl, please remember that we do have transfer tape and can demonstrate weeding techniques if needed upon pick-up.


If an error in printing is so significant to warrant a reprint the shop will do that at no cost- if the error is the shop's error. If the file has errors, the client doesn't follow resolution best practices, etc. so the error is the clients error then the reprint will be at the clients cost. 



Please submit your files exactly as you would like us to produce them; below are suggestions to help us do this at the highest quality. You’re welcome to stop by the shop during open hours where we can answer questions and offer technical help. How to prepare your files...

Size: Enter the length and width of the item into the online order form without "in" for inches or any other information. Putting information aside from the length & width will result in an error on the form. For vinyl, please note that the charge is per foot NOT per inch. So, a 12 inch piece of vinyl would be entered as 1 on the submission form. Please make sure you have saved your files with the length and width of your finished piece.

Print Jobs:

Resolution- We recommend your files are at least 300 pixels per inch (PPI). However we will print jobs that have fewer pixels per inch but anything below 100 PPI may be visibly fuzzy or pixelated

Borders- If you would like white space around your image, include it in the image file that you submit. If you plan to cut your print to an exact size, select ‘yes’ on the ‘add crop marks’ on the online form. Crop marks are helpful for cutting images that have extra white borders.


The Shop cuts vinyl from adobe illustrator files (extension .ai). 

Please stop by the shop to select your vinyl color and indicate your selection in the comments section of your order.

Our vinyl comes in 13.5 inch roles so arrange your designs to be no more than 12.5 inches tall. For long/large vinyl displays, pieces can be designed in parts & pieced together. Please submit vinyl more than 3 feet in sections that are 2-3 feet in length to ensure accuracy in production/cutting.

Please allow us 2-4 business days to complete your project (longer during midterms/final exams)

A file cannot exceed 200 MB in size. If you must submit a file which exceeds the limit, you may send it to us via e-mail at [email protected]

Making a Payment

  1. When your job is completed, you will receive and email with a notification & payment link.

  2. Follow the link and pay with a card or with your student account.

  3. Orders must be paid for before they’re picked up.

  4. You will receive an email receipt upon payment.

  5. For credit card transactions, you should receive an email invoice immediately; student account payments are processed weekly.

Custom Orders

If you are thinking of submitting a large or uncommon order and are unsure of how to submit it, simply contact us or stop by the shop to speak to a technician in person.

Page last modified April 5, 2024