Pricing Policies

We charge for prints based on image size, i.e. the actual size of your image as it will be printed on the media. This is the information you will enter in the width and length fields on the order form.

Clients may add up to 3" of border space on each side for no extra charge. Indicate your desired border size (if any) in the Comments section of the order form.

If greater than 3" border space is desired, a charge will be added per additional square inch. We will add this charge and notify the client before completing the order.

Media Size

Media Size refers to the dimensions of the media upon which an image will be printed. Our available sizes are listed in the description of each Media Type. If you would like to select a specific media size, please indicate this choice in the Comments section of the order form. If no such selection is made, we will print the image on the smallest available size.


We charge an hourly rate of $8/hr for clients who wish us to weed their vinyl projects. Weeding a project can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour per foot depending on the complexity of the design (generally, text-heavy designs and designs with small details take longer to weed). Upon receiving your order, a technician will respond with an estimate of the charge. You will be charged based on actual time spent upon completion of your order.

For clients who choose to weed the project themselves, transfer tape is supplied.

Making a Payment

  1. Follow link in e-mail sent to account associated with your login
  2. Pay with credit card or student account
  3. Invoice will be e-mailed to you *

* Student account payments are processed each Saturday. For credit card transactions, you should receive an invoice immediately.

Custom Orders

For large orders, files sent through e-mail, etc. Generally, a technician will contact you if you need to make a custom order. Otherwise, submit an order under Print Job or Vinyl Job.

  1. Click Submit an Order, then Custom Charge
  2. Upload any placeholder image
  3. In description, fill in the details of the order (eg, "Prints for gallery show")
  4. Click Submit, then Place Order
  5. A tech will add the charge and complete the order. A notification will then be e-mailed to you. Follow steps under "Making a payment", above, to complete the transaction.

Page last modified November 3, 2016