10 Questions for our alumni

Morgan Block

Morgan Block

1 - How did you find out about the Design Thinking Academy (DTA)?

Through my Honors sequence-we embedded the design thinking process into our class.

2 - Why did you choose to join the DTA? 

I loved the emphasis of empathy in the problem solving/design process, and as soon as empathy was a focus, I found myself being much more invested and passionate about what I was working towards.

3 - What advice do you have for future students thinking about connecting with the DTA?

DO IT! You will learn interpersonal, communicative, leadership, and teamwork skills that are necessary for any profession that you are going into. These skills will teach you how to think bigger and how to do deep-dive thinking s sessions. It will teach you that thinking and designing is a process and each step is just as fundamental as the others.

4 - What advice do you have for current students thinking about careers involving creativity and collaboration?

Do not design for you- design for who/what the design is for. 

5 - What did you do after becoming a fellow in the Design Thinking Academy?

Bring these skills towards other groups I was apart of, or spread word/enthusiasm about this academy and the Design Thinking process to others. 

6 - What are you doing now?

Trying to get through my senior year. 

7 - How have you used the skills you developed in your field of study in your life and/or career after GVSU?

The empathy for the most complex patients became my driving force to enter the medical field and specifically serve under-privledged populations 

8 - What is the best advice you got from an instructor at Grand Valley?

Be patient with the design process. In fact all processes of your life, and most of all, be patient with yourself. 

9 - What is your favorite memory of being in the Design Thinking Academy at Grand Valley? 

Getting to know everyone. 

10 - Anything else you would like to share with our Design Thinking Community?

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