R resources

Social Media Data Analysis with R

Please download the overview of the workshop

And then download the R script file, socialmediadata.txt. Save it to a working directory with the file extension '.R', rather than '.txt'.  

Open the script file in RStudio.

Introduction to R workshop materials

First, please see the handout with learning objectives and curated R resources. Also see an introductory R Guide, which explains installation of R in greater detail.

There are two R script files to download. The first is here, R intro workshop script file.txt. The second is here, World Bank data and Googlevis.txt.  Download these files to a directory of your choice.

Second, please see this handout of comprehension check exercises.

Another dataset we may use: Boston housing characteristics. While saved on this webpage as a .txt file, you should rename it with the extension .csv while saving it to your directory.

Video guides to R

The Odum Institute, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill maintains a set of introductory videos on installing and using R for the first time.  

Google developers produced a series of YouTube videos on R, ranging from introductory to advanced usage. 

Online R Classes

Several MOOCS use R as software for learning statistics or data analysis.  A few that are good for an introduction: 1) Data Camp's free course, Introduction to R. 2) Microsoft's Introduction to R Programming, and 3) Coursera's R Programming.  

R related blogs

R-bloggers aggregates current blogs on all things related to R. The site is a popular source for tutorials and examples of using R in almost every subject area imaginable.  It maintains an exhaustive list of resources for learning R from scratch. 

Books on R at GVSU

The GVSU library subscribes to SpringerLink, which publishes an extensive series of books on R in their "Use R!" series.  Search for this series in the SpringerLink database.

Other R help resources

The Institute for Digital Research and Education at UCLA maintains an extensive set of notes and FAQs on using R. A set of introductory slides is useful for getting started. 

Page last modified May 9, 2017