Mini Grant Program

The Mini Grant Program supports research and creative activity with a modest subsidy at critical times. It defrays the cost of travel, supplies, and other materials necessary to conduct the project. Funds may also be used for page charges, color illustrations, and other costs associated with publishing. 

About the Award

Funding of up to $500 is available to support research and creative activity. Funds are not to be used to supplement any current funding or conference travel. Grants may not be used to purchase general computer equipment that can be funded through other sources on campus (i.e. life-cycle funding, school/department funding). One grant per faculty member per year.

Tenured, tenure-track, and Affiliate faculty members are eligible.

Accepted any time during the academic year as long as funds are available.

How to Apply

Apply online and submit your final report through MyApps. Please allow 5 - 7 business days for CSCE to review your request.

Budget Information / Terms & Conditions

Mini Grant funds are distributed by CSCE through departmental transfers. Grantees incur expenses on a GVSU P-card, or reimbursed from your department through Workday. Work with your department's administrator/support staff person to submit a Department Journal Entry Request in Workday to have your grant funds returned to the department. CSCE will reimburse department funds when all grant criteria are met.

Please note: any services performed (editing, page publication, transcription, etc.) MUST be paid directly by by your department via an invoice or purchased using your department p-card. Purchase of services using personal credit cards will not be reimbursed.

Mini Grant recipients are expected to prepare a synopsis of the scholarship at the completion of the project. Submit your final report on your grant application in MyApps. No further funding will be given to the faculty member until the synopsis is received and accepted by CSCE.

How to Workday

CSCE will continue with the same process in which the departments submit a fund transfer request for the one lump sum, just like we did with OnBase, but now it's in Workday.

  • Follow the Job Aid for the "Create Budget Amendment for Organization" found at Workday Job Aids & Demo Videos - Finance
  • At step #12 (Worktags field), please use the following Worktag/FDM information: 
    • FUND: FD100
    • COST CENTER: CC0195
    • PROGRAM: P22200
  • At step #14 (Description field), please format the description with the faculty member's first and last name, the specific grant, the fiscal year, and the grant award amount. The actual amount of the request may differ from the grant award amount, so it is important to have the full granted amount in the description, even if only most of it was used.
    • Follow this formatting example: Bruce Wayne CSCE Mini Grant FY24 $500
  • Be sure to upload supporting documentation of the expenses at step #26 just as you did in OnBase (copy of the award notification, receipts, etc.).
  • PLEASE NOTE: this process is only for transfers between General Funds. The CSCE FDM is a General Fund. The FDM your department is using must also be a General Fund for this process. If funding needs to be transferred to a non-general fund, please see instructions for Department Journal Entry (WD Job Aid - Financial Accounting - How to Create a Department Journal Entry Request)

Page last modified March 18, 2024