Mini-Grant Program


The Mini-Grant Program supports research and creative activity with a modest subsidy at critical times. It defrays the cost of travel, supplies, and other materials necessary to conduct the project. Funds may also be used for page charges, color illustrations, and other costs associated with publishing. 


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Tenured or tenure-track faculty members on continuing appointment are eligible. 

Funding Limitations

  • One grant per faculty member per year.
  •  A maximum funding of $400. 
  • Funds are not to be used to supplement any current funding or conference travel.
  • Grants may not be used to purchase general computer equipment that can be funded through other sources on campus (i.e. life-cycle funding, school/department funding).


Funding Deadlines and Process

Accepted any time during the academic year as long as funds are available. Apply online and submit your final report through “My Apps”; click:Apply Here

Reimbursement Requests

All reimbursements are processed through the Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence (CSCE). Any services performed (editing, page publication, transcription, etc.) MUST be paid directly by CSCE via an invoice or purchased using your department p-card. Purchase of services using personal credit cards will not be reimbursed. Submit your Travel & Expense vouchers (for supplies/materials), receipts, invoices, PO's etc. to the CSCE, 049 JHZ

Mini-Grant recipients are expected to prepare a synopsis of the scholarship at the completion of the project.  No further funding will be given to the faculty member until the synopsis is received and accepted by the Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence. Reimbursements will not be processed without the accompanying report.  


2014 and 2015 


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