CSAL Students Present at the GVSU 2020 Teach-In

November 18, 2020

CSAL Students Present at the GVSU 2020 Teach-In

Jay Brown '21, Taijah Claybrook '21, Kelly Patmore '21, Kyle Holcomb '22, Krista Stites '21, Caroline Murray '21, Phillip Todd '21, Taylor Ross '21, Destiny Davis '22, Derrick Shaw '22, and Emily Thimmesch '21 presented at GVSU's 2020 fall Teach-In. Presenters covered an array of topics like ableism and the student experience, realities of being a member of the Black community in today's and historical context, food justice being social justice, navigating power dynamics in the workplace, how to properly advocate and support students in the LGBTQIA+ community, and sexual violence victim advocacy. 

Descriptions of all of their presentations can be found here


For more information about GVSUs annual Teach-In, click here.

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