The following links provide information regarding policies that apply to all courses taught at Grand Valley State University.

General Academic Policies are found on the Registrar’s website:           
      General Academic Policies

Schedules for the Academic Calendar and Final Exams are found on the Registrar’s website:
     Academic Calendar and Final Exam Schedule

Academic Integrity Policy is found on the Student Conduct, Intervention, & Support website:
     Academic Integrity

Americans with Disabilities Act Philosophy Statement is found on the Disability Support Resources website:
     Philosophy Statement

Commitment to Inclusion & Equity and University Anti-Harassment/Non-Discrimination Statement is found on the Division of Inclusion & Equity website:
     Inclusion & Equity – Anti-Harassment/Non-Discrimination

Title IX information on Sex-Based Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct is found on the Title IX website:
     Title IX Information
          Policy Websites:
               Sexual Misconduct Policy
               Sexual or Gender-Based Harassment Policy
               Anti-Harassment Policy
               Consensual Relationship Policy

Face coverings, such as masks, are required to be worn in the classroom. Students who have forgotten their face coverings may get a disposable mask at a campus office. The evidence is clear that face coverings are a crucial part of keeping coronavirus at bay and support the university’s commitment to providing all members of its community with an inclusive living and learning environment with equitable opportunities for successGVSU's policy on face coverings is posted on the Lakers Together web site. Students who are not able to wear a face covering due to a medical condition should contact Disability Support Services (DSR) to discuss their individual situation.