The following links provide information regarding policies that apply to all courses taught at Grand Valley State University.

General Academic Policies are found on the Registrar’s website:           
      General Academic Policies

Schedules for the Academic Calendar and Final Exams are found on the Registrar’s website:
     Academic Calendar and Final Exam Schedule

Academic Integrity Policy is found on the Student Conduct, Intervention, & Support website:
     Academic Integrity

Americans with Disabilities Act Philosophy Statement is found on the Disability Support Resources website:
     Philosophy Statement

Commitment to Inclusion & Equity and University Anti-Harassment/Non-Discrimination Statement is found on the Division of Inclusion & Equity website:
     Inclusion & Equity – Anti-Harassment/Non-Discrimination

Title IX information on Sex-Based Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct is found on the Title IX website:
     Title IX Information
          Policy Websites:
               Sexual Misconduct Policy
               Sexual or Gender-Based Harassment Policy
               Anti-Harassment Policy
               Consensual Relationship Policy