Schedules & Leaves

Alternative Work Schedules

  • Variable Time (Flex Time): A scheduled in which staff start and end work earlier or later than within regular office hours set by the University. Variations include staggered hours with a fixed daily schedule; core hours with a variable daily schedule and meal-period flex.
  • Compressed Workweek Schedule: A schedule that takes a full time workweek and compresses it into fewer, longer days (e.g., four 10-hour days).
  • 9 or 10 Month Contract: An arrangement in which the staff work a full time schedule during the busiest times in the office. They may be off during the summer or other periods when the office is slow.
  • Telecommuting: An arrangement in which staff work from a location other than their normal worksite (e.g., home) on a regular basis.
  • Job Sharing: A form of regular part time, where two part time staff share one full time position.
  • Part Time: An arrangement in which staff work at least 20 hours a week, but less than 30 hours, with regular, scheduled hours. May be eligible for same benefits as full time employees but on an adjusted basis.

Staff interested in such a schedule should discuss it with their supervisor and Human Resources.

Vacation Scheduling

Each department is responsible for scheduling vacations in order not to interfere with the operation of the department and to insure that each Confidential Professional Support Staff member receives the appropriate vacation allowance during the appointment period. Supervisors must respond to an employee's request to use vacation leave in a timely manner and consistent with department procedures. If an employee's request to use vacation leave cannot be approved, the supervisor must work with the employee to approve vacation leave at the earliest date convenient to the employee and consistent with departmental needs.

Page last modified August 24, 2017