Individuals who are thinking about making a transition to a teaching career may consider the Graduate Teacher Certification (GTC) program. It is an intensive, one-year, full-time teacher training program for adults who hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited college and who already have, or are willing to acquire, a "teachable" major (and possibly a teachable minor) prior to joining the program, as well as meet additional entrance requirements. Teachable Majors and Minors List

The program combines teacher education course work with two consecutive semesters of field placement in a local school. At the completion of the program, students will have earned a teaching certificate as well as graduate credit toward a master's degree. The full master's degree can be completed following certification. All prospective candidates are advised to attend an information session for more detailed explanations.

Elementary Level Teaching: An individual interested in elementary level teaching is required to have a teachable subject major, and would be certified to teach all subjects K-5. In addition, the elementary certification allows an individual to teach grades 6-8 (middle school) in the subject major.

Secondary Level Teaching: An individual interested in teaching at the secondary level is required to have a teachable major and minor and would be certified to teach grades 6-12 in the subject major and/or minor.


NOTE: Those who wish to become certified as elementary or secondary level teachers are required to have a teachable subject major completed before entering the GTC program. Secondary level candidates also need to have a nearly complete teachable minor.

Program Testimonial

"For my interview, I researched and planned an actual PBL and presented it to the principal and other staff over Skype. They were very impressed with my preparation and knowledge. I have GVSU and the entire Graduate Teacher Certification program staff to thank for all of that. Even after attending the New Teacher Academy, I realized that somehow I was a step ahead although I was a brand new teacher. I can’t thank you and the rest of the staff with the GTC program at GVSU enough for preparing me for being at this wonderful campus with this amazing district."

Amy Myers
Biology & Aquatic Science
The Energy School
Houston, TX

Student Scholarships

Each semester, faculty from Grand Valley State University's College of Education considers scholarship opportunities for candidates in both initial certification and graduate programs. These scholarship opportunities have been made possible by the generosity of individuals and organizations dedicated to the preparation of teachers and other educators.

GVSU Scholarships

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