Physician Assistant Studies (M.P.A.S.)

Application Deadline: September 1st

Physician assistants (PAs) can practice and prescribe medicine in all 50 states and the District of Columbia (regulations vary by state) under the license of a physician and can work in a variety of health care settings. Although PAs are trained as generalists in medicine, they can also work in specialty areas of medicine. PAs are formally trained to provide diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic services, as designated by a licensed physician.

PAs also may have managerial duties, order medical and lab supplies and equipment or supervise technicians and assistants. While PAs practice under the license of a physician, they may also be the principal care providers in practices where a physician may be present for only one or two days each week. In such cases, the PA confers with the supervising physician and other medical professionals as needed or as required by law. PAs may also make house calls or go to hospitals and nursing homes to check on patients and report back to the physician.

The GVSU Physician Assistant Studies program does not require a specific undergraduate major. Applicants are encouraged to choose a major that is best suited for their particular interest and goals.

Allied Health Sciences Pre-PA
Behavioral Neuroscience
Biomedical Sciences
Exercise Science Health Care Emphasis


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