Lab repeat waiver (general)

The deadline for submitting a lab repeat waiver request is 5:00 pm the first week of class. 

This form is for students who are repeating a chemistry class and wish to opt out of the lab portion of the class the second time around.  There are three important considerations:

  • This is only for CHM 109, 230, 231 or 232.  For all other CHM classes (ie. 115, 116, 241, 242. etc), you must repeat the lab if you are repeating the lecture.
  • In order to qualify for a repeat lab waiver, you must have scored 90% or higher in lab portion of the course the first time you took it.
  • Important note: if you waive the lab the second time you take the class, your semester grade will be calculated using only the grades from the lecture portion of the course.  The lab score often pulls the grade up, so consider the impact of this policy before you decide to waive the lab.

If you wish to proceed with a waiver request, use the following link:

Lab repeat waiver


Page last modified June 17, 2024