Scott Thorgaard Research Interests

Electrochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Nanomaterials, Physical Chemistry

1) Electrochemistry of Single Nanoparticles: We are working to study the catalytic properties of nanoparticles on a single particle basis using electrochemistry. In our experiments, metal nanoparticles are detected individually in real time as they collide with a micron-sized electrode.

Electrochemistry of single nanoparticles

2) Bacteria Sensing Using Blocking Collisions: We are applying electrochemical collisions based on the inhibition of mass transport to enable the real time tracking of single bacteria and other insulating objects. Our electrochemical measurements of bacteria are supported by fluorescence microscopy and numerical simulations.

Electrochemical blocking collisions

Electrochemical blocking collisions: flux and concentration

3) Ion Transfer at Micro-Liquid/Liquid Interfaces: We are studying ion transfer using experiments where electric current is passed between aqueous and organic solutions which meet at the tip of a micropipette. Electrochemistry at the liquid/liquid interface reveals information vital for the design of next generation ion sensors, such as the strength and stoichiometry of ion binding by organic ligands.

Ion transfer at liquid/liquid interfaces