Matt Hart Learning Resources

My Inspiration:

College is a time of great discovery for students. It is a time for you to learn the skills that will see you through many of the rough times ahead. Below I have collected some resources that you may find useful as you prepare for courses in chemistry and other disciplines. This list is a work in progress and I invite you to send me additional resources so that we can learn to be better educators and life-long learners ([email protected]) The first resource is the GVSU Laker help-link which has a lot of useful resources for honing your studying skills.


Learning Styles:

You may have noticed by now that everyone learns in different ways. Some students get little or no information for lectures while others couldn't get by without them. It wasn't until I was in graduate school that I was introduced to the idea of learning styles and this truly made sense to me.

Below are some links that briefly explain learning styles and how they might be useful. The VARK - guide below has a quick questionnaire you can take which will give you an indication of what learning preference you may favor. Keep in mind that your results may vary from test to test. I have taken many of these questionnaires in the past and my indicated preference has been different. The benefit of these questionnaires (in my opinion) is that it can help you identify what learning styles can be effective and which may not be effective. With this knowledge, you can tailor your studying strategy to your benefit.

If you are interested in identifying your own learning preferences and you wish to have more information beyond the links above, please stop by my office and we'll discuss how you can best use this information to further your success in college.

Page last modified January 4, 2019